What Length of Eyelash Extension Should I Get? Tip and Tricks

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Are you planning to get eyelash extensions to enhance the beauty of your eye? But you are stuck at the point: what length of eyelash extension should I get? So you are not the only one. Most people want to know the answer to the same question.

So, you do not need to spend your time and energy anymore to find the answer because you have already landed at the right place. In this blog, we have compiled all the details regarding the eyelash extensions, their length, sizes, and thickness. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

How To Choose the Right Size Of Eyelash Extension?

Right Length of Eyelash Extension

Important Tips 

If it is your first experience getting an eyelash extension home service, the below-mentioned tips and tricks will make your task easy and fun. Let’s have a look at them:

Natural Lash Length 

Before getting the eyelash extension, the first thing to do is check how long your natural eyelashes are. You must clearly know whether you have short or long natural eyelashes.

For Short Natural Eyelashes

If you have short eyelashes, never try to use longer eyelash extensions. If you do so, your eyes look unnatural, heavy, and awful. Another con of applying heavier and longer eyelash extensions over short natural eyelashes is that they will fall prematurely.

For Long Natural Eyelashes

Never try to apply short and less dense eyelash extensions over your natural eyelashes if they are long and curly. Because you will not see any difference after using such extensions, for the more elevated look in this case, you must choose long, thick and curly eyelash extensions.

Distance Of The Lash Extensions From The Eyelids

Distance Of The Lash Extensions From The Eyelids

For the precise eyelash extension size, measure your eyelashes in mm. The second important thing to consider when choosing right-size lash extensions is their distance from the eyelids. Let us be clear that lash extensions never apply over the neutral lash line.

The reason is that during the application, many chemicals are used that may cause allergy in the eyes. Always leave a 1mm gap from the lash line and ensure it does not touch the skin directly.

Usually, lash technicians adopt the 2 mm to 3 mm rule. The objective of this rule is that the lash extension never be 2mm to 3mm longer than the neutral eyelash. For instance, if your natural eyelash is 8mm long, your ideal eyelash extension size is 10mm to 11mm.

Natural Lash’s Ability To Support The Weight

Eyelash Extension Dubai

The third factor is the ability of your natural eyelash to support the additional eyelash extension weight. Ensure that your natural eyelashes can easily carry your selected eyelash extension weight without harming it.

For instance, if you have delicate, thin, and weak eyelashes, then such eyelashes cannot carry the weight of heavy and long eyelash extensions. In this case, you must use a light and short lash extension for a more extended stay. For this purpose, you can also adopt the 2mm to 3mm rule.

On the other hand, thick, long and strong natural eyelashes can pair up with heavy and thick lash extensions to provide a more dramatic and enhanced look without making your natural eyelashes weak.

Personal Preferences 

The reason behind the application of lash extension is to improve the volume and length of your natural eyelashes. Moreover, it helps to enhance the appearance of natural eyelashes.

Choose whether you want a natural, dramatic, or professional look, and then select accordingly.

For an attractive and subtle effect, the most suitable eyelash extension is of shorter length. If you need a glam look over a party or wedding, you can use longer-length extensions to get a bold and eye-catching look.

Here are some styles of eyelash extensions to get your desired look:


To achieve a natural and more minimalist style, you can choose shorter eyelash extensions with the same length as natural eyelashes.

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes

Use the shortest eyelash extensions on the inner corner of your eyes and increase the extension size gradually while coming towards the outer corner.

Dolly Eyes

To achieve this look, the lash artist will use the longest lash extensions in the middle of your eyes and short-length extensions on both the inner and outer corners.

Pro Tip

To make selecting the eyelash length easy, we suggest you search for your inspired look online, show it to the lash artist and get their recommendation.

Eye Shape 

Length of Eyelash Extension

Eye Shape also plays a vital role during the application of eyelash extension. The reason is eyelash extension lengths have different effects on different eye shapes. For instance, if you have round eyes, the short eyelash extension will look long over this eye shape. So, you might want to know from classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions, which is better for you. Below, we have mentioned eyelash extension length according to the eye shape. Check them out:

Deep Set Eye

The deep-set eyes sit back in the eye socket. Generally, lash artists recommend longer-length extensions for such eye shapes so that eyelashes will look prominently

Hooded Eye

Always use longer-length eyelashes over the mid-outer lash lines to make your hooded eyes look open and attractive.

Protruding Eyes

We usually recommend shorter eyelash extensions for protruding eye shapes to make it look attractive and appealing.

The 3 mm Rule

As mentioned earlier, always choose the lash extension by keeping the 3mm rule in mind. Because these rules will protect your natural eyelashes and minimise damage, your lash extension will never exceed 3mm from the natural eyelash.

If you want to achieve an over-dramatic look, you can decrease the density of the extension to protect your natural eyelashes.

Lash Length Guide

Lash Length Guide

The lash extension length starts from 5 mm to 30 mm. The commonly used eyelash lengths are 11 mm to 12mm. Generally, people categorise extension sizes as short, medium, and long. Let’s explore the eyelash extension chart.

Short (5-8mm)

The short eyelash extension only defines the eyelash’s look without making it more noticeable. This length is best for people with short eyelashes. Furthermore, these extensions can also be used in the inner corner.

Medium (9-12mm)

To get a mascara look, you can go with medium-length eyelash extensions. This extension length is commonly used in the centre and another corner of the eyes.

Long (13-14mm)

The long eyelash extension size is not perfect for daily use. You can go for this length when you are going to create a full glam look with bold eyes. Never use them in the inner corner of your eye.

Final Words 

From the above discussion, it is 100% clear that the definition of perfect eyelashes varies from person to person. The reason is also clear that the eye shape, style, and choice of every person is different. In short answer to this question:what length of eyelash extension should i get? It is the one that is safe for natural lashes and achieves your goal.

You can contact our experts at Jumana Saloon if you are still stuck deciding the lash length. They will suggest the most suitable extension and can customise the size if you ask them to help you achieve your dream look.