What is Eyelash Lift? – Cost, Aftercare & Benefits

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Are you tired of dealing with messy mascara and time-consuming lash curlers? An eyelash lift could be the low-maintenance solution you’ve been searching for. This innovative lash treatment gives you perfectly curled, wide-awake lashes without any extensions or harsh products.

But what exactly is an eyelash lift? How much does it cost? And what kind of aftercare is required? This article has all the answers! We’ll break down everything you need to know before getting an eyelash lift. From the treatment process to the stunning results, get ready to have your lash game forever changed.

The Curled Lash Cure: All About Lash Lifts


An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent lash treatment that curls and lifts natural lashes using a special curling solution and silicone pads. It takes 45-60 minutes and involves applying lifting cream along the lash line and positioning silicone pads on the lids to prop the lashes into their upswept position.

While the eyelash extentions hold this curled shape, a setting solution freezes them in place for weeks. Afterward, a keratin serum nourishes the lashes with a glossy tint. The final look mimics the effect of lash extensions—only with your own natural fringe!

Unlike extensions, lash lifts don’t add any weight or length to lashes. Instead, they give you a stunning, wide-eyed appearance by amplifying and lifting what you were born with.

Cost of Eyelash Lifts in Dubai

Eyelash Lifts

In Dubai, the cost of an eyelash lift service can range from around 150 AED to 400 AED at most salons and lash studios. More experienced technicians at upscale salons will generally charge toward the higher end of the scale.

The average price for a quality lash lift in Dubai tends to fall around 200-300 AED. It includes the specialized lifting, setting, and conditioning products used during the treatment. Premium keratin lash tints may come with an additional charge.

While the price may seem steep compared to lash extensions, a lift delivers beautifully sculpted lashes with virtually zero upkeep or maintenance for 4-6 weeks. No refills or expensive lash supplies are needed, making it a cost-effective long-term solution.

Lifted Lash Aftercare & Longevity

Lifted Lash Aftercare

One of the biggest perks of lash lifts is their low-maintenance upkeep! No extension fills, special cleansers or adhesive removers are required. Simply treat your lifted lashes like you would your natural fringe.

However, there are some important aftercare rules to ensure maximum lift longevity:

  • Avoid getting lashes wet for 12-24 hours after your lift when the curl solution is still setting. It includes keeping lashes dry during showers or swimming.
  • Be gentle when cleansing lashes, and avoid oil-based makeup removers for the first 48 hours, as oils can break down the lift.
  • Use a lash conditioning serum to keep lashes hydrated and prevent brittleness or premature shedding.
  • Avoid harsh lash curling or rubbing eyes, as this can compromise curl patterns.

With proper care, a quality lash lift can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks before lashes start relaxing back to their natural pattern. Most technicians recommend a lift refresh every 6-8 weeks to maintain flawless curl and lift.

Fabulous Lash Lift Benefits

Fabulous Lash Lift

So why choose a lash lift over extensions or traditional lash curlers and mascaras? This innovative treatment delivers some serious beauty benefits:

Low-Maintenance & Customizable

Unlike extensions that require fills every 2-3 weeks, lash lifts deliver long-lasting curls with zero upkeep. Technicians can also customize your lift for a subtle or dramatic effect.

Wake Up With Gorgeous Lashes

You’ll look bright-eyed and wide awake every morning without having to use lash curlers or gobs of mascara. Lifted lashes have a refreshed, youthful effect.

Bye Bye Makeup Smears

With your lashes already perfectly curled upwards, you can skip the messy mascara or worry about smudging if you rub your eyes. Less makeup is needed!

Enhanced Lash Health

Lash lifts utilize keratin-infused formulas that nourish your natural lashes from root to tip. Say hello to stronger, more luscious fringe over time.

Save Time in the Morning

Ditch the lash curler and cut your makeup routine in half. Lifted lashes instantly give you a polished, awake appearance with minimal other products needed.

Why Choose Jumana Saloon in Dubai?

With so many salons and lash studios in Dubai, why put your trust in Jumana Saloon for your eyelash lift?

For starters, Jumana employs a team of highly experienced lash artists who have mastered the precise technique of lash lifting. Through extensive training and an artistic eye, their technicians can sculpt and customize flattering curl patterns for any eye shape.

Jumana also uses only top-quality lash lift solutions designed to nourish and protect your delicate natural lashes. There are no harsh chemicals that could cause brittleness or breakage!

Jumana Saloon in Dubai offers a range of luxury beauty treatments, including lash services. Clients rave about the exceptional results and attention to detail, making it a one-stop destination for all your glow-up needs.


An eyelash lift delivers all the benefits of wide-awake, curled fringe without any extensions or heavy makeup required. This semi-permanent treatment gives your natural lashes a flattering upwards sweep for 4-6 weeks of effortless glam.

Lash lifts in Dubai cost 200-300 AED upfront but offer long-term eye enhancement with zero maintenance. With proper aftercare, you can maintain stunning sculpted lashes for weeks. Jumana Saloon offers the ultimate lash lift experience in Dubai’s luxury beauty scene, featuring skilled technicians, premium products, and a lavish atmosphere. Experience bright, youthful eyes every day.