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If you are still confused between manicures and pedicures, you are not the only one. Many people still do not know about the fundamental difference between these two beauty treatments. So, if you want to learn the difference between them, you have landed at the right place. 

In this blog, we will reveal the 6 surprising differences between manicures and pedicures. So, without any further delay. Let’s start your learning.

6 Basic Differences Between Manicures & Pedicures

Both of these beauty treatments allow you to make your hands and feet look more glowy and tidy. There are some minor differences between these two methods. So let’s check them out: 

  • Manicure Done On Hands And Pedicure Are Done On Feet

The manicure is done explicitly to your hands and forearms to make your nails look more appealing and tidy. The manicure is the Latin word “manus,” which means hands, and “curare,” meaning care. 

On the other hand, a pedicure is a cosmetic treatment that is done to your feet and legs. The primary purpose of this process is to exfoliate them properly and remove calluses. It is also derived from the Latin words “pedi,” meaning foot, and “curare,” which means care.

What Included In a Manicure And Pedicure

The steps for manicure and pedicure will vary according to the type of treatment you select. Each salon will offer different steps. The basic steps of these treatments are the same, but we have shortlisted them below. 

A Standard Manicure Includes: 

manicure services

  1. Cleaning of Finger Nails: In the first step, the leftover nail products, such as nail paint and dead cuticle skin, will be removed entirely. 
  2. Fixing and Aligning of The Cuticle: The cuticles are aligned and neatened thoroughly after cleaning the nails. 
  3. Nail Cutting, Filing, and Shaping: After aligning the cuticle, the next step will be cutting and filing the nails according to your desired shape and pattern. 
  4. Applying Nail Product: The last step is using the nail products you have chosen for your nails. 

A Standard Pedicure Includes: 


  1. Removing Feet Calluses: The very first is to clean the calluses or corns to make your feet look smooth and soft. 
  2. Cleaning Of Toenails: The second step is to remove the nail products for your toenails and dead cuticle skin and neat up the cuticles. 
  3. Cutting, Filling, and Shaping of The Toenails: After cleaning the toenails, the nail service includes cutting and filing your nails according to your desired shape. 
  4. Application Of Nail Products:  The second last step is the application of nail products like gel polish and nail extensions. 
  5. Foot Massage: At the last pedicure, end up with a foot massage to relax your nails. 
  • Pedicures Are More Focused on Skincare

The pedicure is specifically designed for skincare. The reason is that the skin of your feet is prone to developing calluses and corns. For this purpose, the experts will use exfoliants and scrubs. At some salons, it can be done by using an emery board or pumice. 

On the other hand, a manicure will not contain deep skin treatment. You can get these added services during the manicure by paying an additional. 

  • Manicures are Focused on Making Your Nails Look Elegant 

The primary purpose of a manicure is to make your fingernails look more appealing. It can be done by artificially extending the nail length, changing your nail colors, using different nail arts or designs, and application of nail accessories. 

During the pedicure, you can only get nail paint applied to the toenails. For other cosmetic services, you have to pay extra. 

  • Pedicure Are More Expensive Than Manicures 

Pedicure treatment is more expensive than manicures for some specific reasons. The pedicure will take longer to complete and require more effort. Additionally, this beauty treatment includes massage and skin treatments. More products like exfoliants, scrubs, and creams are used during the process. 

  • Manicures Are Done Quickly 

The timing of the manicure will depend on the type that you have selected. Here, the thing is, if we compare the duration of the manicure and pedicure. The manicure will be completed more quickly. The time duration of a gel manicure is less than that of a gel pedicure. 

  • Pedicure is More Focused On Relaxation 

Both manicures and pedicures are done to release the stress from the body. Pedicures are more relaxing than manicures. The tension in the feet is more than in the hands. So, more relaxing massages are done during the pedicure to relieve the tension and stress from the feet. 

Final Words 

These are the 6 surprising differences between manicures and pedicures. Both treatments are mandatory for your skin to keep it healthy and glowy. Make sure to get this treatment every month from well-known salons. If you are a resident of Dubai and need relaxing manicure and pedicure services, then you can try Jumana Saloon in Dubai.