Eyelash Extension Styles For Different Eye Shapes

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Are you thinking about getting eyelash extensions but need to know which style will suit your eye shape best? Choosing the right lash style can enhance your natural beauty and make your eyes pop. Different eye shapes require different lash styling to create the desired look.

In this article, we’ll explore six common eye shapes and the perfect eyelash extension styles to complement them. From the sultry cat eye to the wide-awake doll eye, there’s a lash map for every unique feature. Get ready to unleash your inner glamor and let your eyes steal the show!

Best Eyelash Extension Styles for 2024

Round Eyes: The Cat Eye Dream

Round Eyes

If you have round eyes, you’re in luck! The cat eyelash style is perfect for adding a striking, elongated effect. Round eyes can sometimes appear smaller, so longer lashes towards the outer corners will give them a lifted, wide-awake appearance.

The key to nailing the cat-eye look is choosing eyelash extensions that gradually increase in length from the inner to the outer corner. This creates a subtle winged effect that flatters round-eye shapes beautifully. Ask your lash artist to use longer lengths, like 12-14mm, toward the outer edges while keeping the inner corner lashes shorter, around 8-10mm.

A cute crisscross pattern also works well for enhancing round peepers. The crisscrossing lash layers create the illusion of an upturned, feline eye shape. You’ll look sultry and fierce!

Hooded Eyes: Go Flared and Fluttery

Hooded Eyes

If you have a hooded or semi-hooded eye shape where the crease isn’t very visible, don’t worry – the right lash style can really open things up! Wispy flared lash extensions give hooded eyes the appearance of a lifted, wide-awake gaze.

For an eye-opening effect, longer extension lengths around 14-16mm work wonders concentrated at the outer corners. These longer flared lashes should be paired with shorter 10-12mm lashes through the center and inner corners. You can also get tips about length of eyelash extentions.

Your lash artist can further accentuate the lifted illusion by applying extensions in a crisscross pattern from the center outward. The flared, overlapping lash layers reduce heaviness on the lids while framing and lifting the eye.

Deep-Set Eyes: Elongate with Subtle Cat Eye Vibes

Deep-Set Eyes

Do your eyes have a strong brow bone and appear slightly recessed in the socket? If so, you have the perfect deep-set eye shape to rock ultra-flattering elongating lash styles.

Start by asking your lash tech for a subtle cat eye effect with gently elongated extensions towards the outer corners. Longer 12-14mm lash lengths sweeping outward and upward give the illusion of more protruding, open eyes.

For added dimension and fullness, opt for a crisscross mapping pattern. The intersecting lash layers enhance the lifted appearance while softening the deep-set vibe. Complete the look with a classic black-tinted lash for maximum eye-elongating impact.

Almond-Shaped Eyes: Enhance the Elegance with Doll Eyelash Mapping

Almond-Shaped Eyes

Those blessed with almond-shaped eyes can really let their lashes shine with a wispy, doll-like extension style. This romantic look adds extra flutter and brings out the natural upturned curve of the eye.

For a striking doll-eye effect, opt for lash extensions with a subtle inward curl and varying lengths throughout. Your lash artist should use shorter 8-10mm lengths at the inner corner, build up to 12-14mm lengths towards the center, and finish with 10-12mm lashes at the outer edges.

Ask for a crisscross mapping technique to enhance the flirty, wide-eyed vibe. The layered lash pattern creates beautiful dimensions and lifts the outer eye area for a bright, youthful look.

Upturned Eyes: Vamp Up the Drama

Upturned Eyes

If you were blessed with naturally upturned or slightly upswept eyes, amplify that foxy vibe with seriously lush, dramatic lash extensions. Over-the-top lash volumes like Russians or X-Tremes add flattering weight to the outer corners.

For a vixen-inspired wide-eye effect, have your lash stylist concentrate extensions of around 14mm or longer, sweeping upwards towards the outer edges. Then, work inwards across the lash line using progressively shorter lash lengths down to 10mm at the inner corners.

A strategic crisscross or Russian volume fan pattern creates the illusion of lifted, catty eyes perfectly complementing your eye’s sultry shape. Top it off with a darker lash tint for extra boldness.

Downturned Eyes: Brighten and Open

Downturned Eyes

Have slightly downturned or droopy outer eye corners? Don’t stress – the right feathery lash extension style can give you a weightless, eye-lifting makeover.

For this eye shape, you’ll want wispy medium-length extensions focused more towards the inner and central lash line – around 12-14mm lengths fanned upwards. Then, have your lash artist use slightly shorter 10-12mm lashes towards the outer corners in a lifted, winging position.

The goal is to add lightweight volume to open up the eye area while lifting and brightening the outer eye zone. A crisscross or lighter classic lash pattern helps diffuse the appearance of downturned corners. The feathery lash textures create an effortlessly wide-awake look!


No matter your unique eye shape, the right eyelash extension style can flatter and enhance your best features. From dramatic vixen vibes to wide-eyed doll glam, strategic lash mapping customizes the perfect lash for you.

When consulting with your lash artist, feel free to communicate your desired goals for elongating, lifting, or widening the eye area. A skilled technician can recommend ideal lash curls, lengths, tints, and mapping patterns to bring out the beauty of your distinct eye shape.

With so many gorgeous lash styling options, you can design a look that has you wowing the world with your captivating, luscious fringe. Get ready to bat those customized lashes and let your eyes take center stage!