Chrome Gel Manicure | 5 Easy Steps To Get Mirror Nails

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Are you fond of manicures and try the trendiest ones? Then, you must try the latest chrome gel manicure at least once. If you already do gel nails, then doing your chrome gel manicure will be so easy for you. Then you need to purchase a few more things in this regard.

If you want to learn more about chrome gel manicures and how to do it before and after care, you have landed at the right place. So, without wasting any further seconds, let’s start learning more about chrome gel nails service.

Things To Do Chrome Gel Manicure

Below are essential things that are required for doing chrome gel manicures. You must compile these materials before performing this task for a hassle-free experience.

  • Chrome Gel Nail Polish
  • LED or UV Lamp
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Chrome Pigment
  • Nail Buffer
  • Eye Shade Brush

Steps Involved To Perform Chrome Gel Manicure

Before following 5 easy steps to get mirror nails. We recommend you prep your nails first. Clean the nails and cut them off. After cutting them, shape the nails according to your preferences. Use a cuticle stick to remove skin from the nail plate. You can also get tips about safest manicures that won’t damange your nails.

Apply Black Base Polish 

After preparing the nails according to the guidelines provided above, apply black base polish. Apply a first thin layer and leave to get dry for one minute. Keep your nails under a UV lamp. After that, apply the second thick layer and leave it untouched for sixty seconds. To partially dry these coats, keep them under UV light for thirty seconds.

When these black coats are eight percent dry under the UV light, now again apply a thin layer of clear gel and dry it. At this stage, your nails are ready for the loose chrome powder.

Buff On The Chrome Powder On Your Nails 

Now, use an eyeshadow brush and pick up the chrome powder. Dap on this powder on the UV-dried nails precisely. Additionally, start buffing your nails at the same time. Apply a suitable amount of pressure on your nail gel to create friction. You might need to dab chrome powder at least five to six times for the visible result.

Clean Up The Excessive Chrome Powder 

After applying chrome loose powder on all your nails, it is time to clean up the excess. Use a neat and clean soft brush around your nails to clean the remaining powder around the nails. You can also use a liquid latex around your fingernails. The excess chrome powder will stick to it.

Apply The Transparent Top Coat

To get the mirror-like effect and the tidiest look of chrome nails, apply a thin layer of topcoat over the chord nails. This layer will lock in the powder and provide a shiny and glossy effect for at least ten to fourteen days.

Cure Under The UV Lamp

You are almost done with the process. The last step is to cure your nails under the UV lamp for sixty seconds. Finally, use an alcoholic pad to remove the chrome powder from the finger cuticle.

Post Care Of Chrome Gel Manicure 

Here are some essential post-care steps for chrome gel manicures. Follow them to improve the lifespan of your manicure.

Be Gentle With Your Chromed Nails

Always be gentle with your chrome gel manicure. Avoid harsh activities with these nails. Don’t open any soda cans or any activity that will require much pressure on your nails.

Use Gloves 

Chrome nails required much care. So we recommend you wear gloves before washing clothes, doing dishes, and performing other house chores.

Moisturize Your Cuticle 

If you want your nails to remain healthy and shiny without breakage, moisturize your cuticles with high-quality moisturizers after every two hours.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Do not need to apply any nail toner or shiner over the chromed nails. These harsh chemicals will affect the chrome gel manicure.

Touch Up when Required 

If you see that the upper coat of the chrome manicure gel has started peeling, then you can apply the thin layer of this coat. Make sure to use it homogeneously.

Final Words 

These are the 5 easy steps to chrome gel manicure at home without spending much money. Additionally, you can also take services from professionals if you do not find time to do so by yourself. Additionally, Jumana Saloon in Dubai offers A-grade chrome gel manicures at a significantly discounted rate.