8 Different Bikini Line Wax Styles and Shapes, Explained

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With warm weather and beach season approaching, many have started thinking about bikini line grooming. But deciding exactly how much hair to remove can be tricky. Should you go for a subtle touch-up or opt for a more involved full bikini style?

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to bikini line waxing. Much depends on your personal preferences and level of confidence in rocking intimate hair removal styles. That’s why most waxing salons offer a range of looks to choose from.

In this guide, we’ll break down 8 of the most popular bikini line waxing service from minimal to maximal. Get ready to find your perfect summer-ready fuzz-free match!

Top 8 Different Bikini Line Wax Styles and Shapes

Bikini Line Touch-Up

Bikini Line Touch-Up

If you’re new to bikini line waxing or prefer just light tidying, a simple bikini line touch-up may be ideal. This quick style involves removing any stray hairs from the crease of the thigh down to create a defined line.

While not a full hair removal treatment, touch-ups create a neat, groomed appearance along the leg openings of swimsuits or underwear. Expect to have hair remaining on the pubic area itself.

Full Bikini Line Wax

For more coverage without going fully bare, a full bikini line wax is a popular choice. This style removes all hair from the upper thighs and sides of the pubic region.

Full bikini lines provide moderate coverage along the boundaries of typical bikini underwear. Hair remains in a vertical rectangular strip on the pubic mound area. It’s a nice low-to-medium maintenance option for those desiring moderate grooming. You can get expert guides about waxing.

The Love Heart

The Love Heart

With a bit more facial hair removal than a full bikini line, the Love Heart shape creates a charming sculpted look. True to its name, hair is left in an upside-down heart or v-shape on the pubic area.

The heart apex tapers down toward the pubic bone with hair removed outward into the crease of the thighs. This flirty style is perfect for honeymoon getaways or cheeky underwear moments.

The Landing Strip

For an edgier, minimalistic pubic hair look, many opt for the landing strip style. This technique involves removing most hair except for a thin vertical line left in the middle of the pubic area.

The landing strip shape ranges from pencil-thin to wider rectangular shapes based on your preferences. Just be prepared for a bit more regular maintenance for upkeep as regrowth happens faster in this concentrated area.

The Hollywood

If you prefer a completely bare look down below, the appropriately named Hollywood style delivers. This advanced waxing technique leaves you completely hairless from your belly button down.

Hollywood is the most comprehensive hair removal option requiring more time and expertise from your waxer. It provides weeks of smooth grooming but does require future maintenance as growth happens.

The Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian Wax of Bikini

Much like Hollywood, the Brazilian style offers a comprehensive hair removal solution for the entire bikini zone area. The primary difference is a small strip or triangle of hair is left on the pubic mound.

This look provides full hair removal along the creases of the thighs and rectum. But the decorative strip or triangle preserves a hint of modesty. Brazilians provide the ideal blank canvas for sculpting unique pubic hair designs as well. You can know that Brazilian wax hurts the bikini or not.

The Playboy

Those confident enough to rock a completely bald pubic area can choose the seamless Playboy wax style. This total hair removal option leaves you silky smooth from belly to backside.

As you can imagine, the Playboy wax delivers the most extensive and tidy hair removal of any bikini style. Hair growth happens gradually all over allowing more time between maintenance waxes too.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

Some people get the Bermuda Triangle instead of the classic landing strip. This type of hair loss leaves a neat triangular spot of hair. This style is great if you want a clean, put-together look but need a little more covering than a landing strip gives you.

Your wax artist will remove all the hair from your sides and bikini line, leaving only a triangle-shaped spot on your pubic mound. This is called a Bermuda Triangle wax. They will carefully cut the triangle into a triangle form, making sure the edges are straight and clean. If you want a more realistic look, you can ask your wax artist to thin out the hair around the triangle.


Determining your ideal bikini wax style is an intensely personal decision based on factors like comfort level, maintenance preferences, and adventurousness. More modest hair removal options offer a nice groomed look with lower upkeep.

However, many gravitate toward the smooth fuzz-free confidence that more extensive styles like the Hollywood or Brazilian provide. For a fun conversation starter, bold semi-hair-free looks like the Lightning Bolt forges new territory too.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, licensed waxing professionals are adept at customizing your perfect intimate hairstyle according to your wishes. With so many bikini line wax possibilities out there, you can embrace your unique brand of summer-ready sexiness!