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For many people, removing unwanted body hair is a regular part of personal grooming. Shaving has traditionally been the most common method, but in recent years, waxing has become increasingly popular. 

Though more painful initially, waxing provides numerous advantages over shaving in both the short and long term. Key benefits include longer-lasting smooth skin, fewer ingrown hairs and less irritation, finer and softer regrowth, better skincare absorption, efficiency for large areas, and safety for sensitive spots.

Understanding of Waxing Basics

Waxing involves applying a thick wax paste to the areas with unwanted hair and then quickly pulling it off, removing the hair from below the skin’s surface. The wax adheres to the hair strands and pulls them out as it hardens. A licensed esthetician must perform waxing at a salon or spa. 

Most salons offer two main types of wax: soft wax and hard wax. Soft wax is better suited to finer, sparse hair, while hard wax works better on coarse or curly hair. Though getting waxed can be uncomfortable initially, the pain lasts only seconds per area. Additionally, repeated waxing often results in less regrowth, making sessions easier over time.

6 Amazing Benefits of Waxing Over Shaving

Amazing Benefits of waxing over shaving

Waxing provides numerous skin care and hair reduction advantages over routine shaving. Here are some of the top reasons waxing can be a better choice:

1. Longer-Lasting Results

One of the biggest benefits of waxing is longer-lasting smooth skin compared to shaving. On average, hair regrowth takes 3-6 weeks after waxing versus just 1-2 days after shaving. Legs can go 4-6 weeks between sessions, while underarms require waxing every 3-4 weeks as hair grows back slower over time. 

Though waxing is more expensive up front, getting waxed every month costs about the same as purchasing replacement razors and shaving products each week.

2. Less Ingrown Hairs and Irritation

Waxing removes hair below the skin’s surface, directly from the follicle. This can help prevent ingrown hairs caused by sharp edges of shaved hair reentering the skin. Plus, razor burns, cuts, and skin irritation from shaving products are avoided. Waxing exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells as well, leaving skin smoother. 

Always using a fresh wax strip minimizes the spread of bacteria over the skin that can occur with razors. Overall, waxing leads to fewer bumps, lesions, and irritation issues compared to shaving repeatedly.

3. Finer, Softer Regrowth

Hair that regrows after waxing feels softer and finer in texture. Underarm hair waxed routinely may thin out or even stop growing back as much over time. When hair does grow back post-waxing, it feels less coarse thanks to new growth starting beneath the skin instead of the drier, damaged cuticle ends shaving leaves behind. Plus, shorter new strands are tapered at the end rather than blunt-cut, feeling less stubbly.

4. Better Absorption of Skincare Products

Another perk is that waxed skin better absorbs and retains moisture and skincare products. This makes it the preferred hair removal method before spray tanning, as waxing removes the protective barrier of dead skin cells and allows more even absorption of tanning products. 

Exfoliated, smooth skin also reflects more light, leaving skin looking more radiant. Products like lotions and anti-aging serums penetrate optimally when applied to freshly waxed skin.

5. Works Better on Larger Body Areas

Waxing is better suited for removing hair from larger areas than shaving. It would be incredibly time-consuming to try shaving full legs or a man’s back. Waxing can more easily treat larger body parts thanks to wider application techniques like hard wax strips. Full legs can be waxed in 30 minutes, while an entire back wax may take only 15 minutes in experienced hands.

6. Better for Sensitive Areas

Bikini and underarm skin tend to be quite sensitive. Tugging a razor across delicate areas like these frequently leads to irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs forming inside tightened follicles. Waxing can minimize irritation by removing strands swiftly from below the skin’s surface. 

Seeking out experienced wax technicians is especially important when getting Brazilian or bikini waxes. Estheticians who specialize in intimate waxing use the most appropriate techniques to protect tender tissues.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Like all hair removal methods, waxing isn’t perfect. Some key drawbacks include:

  • It can be painful if you have extra sensitive skin. The lips, underarms, and bikini line generally hurt the most.
  • While rare, the skin may get irritated or infected if estheticians fail to sterilize equipment or use low-quality products. This risk is minimized by always choosing reputable salons that follow sanitation best practices.
  • Ingrown hairs and bumps are still possible, though less common than with shaving. Exfoliating and proper post-wax skin care reduces this risk.
  • Some people’s hair simply doesn’t respond well to waxing if growth patterns are irregular. Very coarse or curly hair can be especially stubborn.

Finding Your Best Hair Removal Strategy

Hair Removal Strategy

There are some clear benefits of waxing over shaving, but it won’t work for everyone because of their skin type, hair growth schedule, or personal situation. Let’s conclude why waxing is better than shaving. For ease of use, some men keep shaving their faces while waxing the rest of their bodies. Based on the area being handled, some women switch between shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams. In the end, the best way to get rid of hair relies on your own needs and preferences. Talking to a doctor or esthetician can help you figure out if waxing is safe for your skin.

To get the best results from waxing, make sure you take good care of your face before and after the procedure. You can make waxing more comfortable and effective by staying out of the sun, not wearing tight clothes over sensitive areas, exfoliating gently, and always keeping your skin wet. The hair should stop growing back over time, giving you smooth, hair-free skin for weeks at a time.


Now you know why waxing is better than shaving. For reducing unwanted body hair safely and effectively, waxing has some clear advantages over routine shaving. From finer, sparser regrowth to fewer ingrown hairs and razor burns, waxing can lead to long-lasting silky smooth skin for those willing to withstand some initial discomfort. 

Combining waxing with other methods like electrolysis or laser hair removal can also maximize results over time. If you’re tired of frequent shaving, speak to skin care professionals at Jumana Saloon about making waxing part of your regular grooming routine.