12 Different Types of Manicures: A Guide for Beautiful Nails

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Pampering yourself is incomplete without having neat and clean hands. You can get glowy and clean hands with manicures. It will help to make you look more confident and tidy. The process is not just like applying creams with bushes and layers of nail paint.

There are around 12 different types of manicures. So, you have to select the one that is most suitable for your skin type and concern. In this blog, we will help you learn about these types in detail. Let’s get started.

Types Of Manicures

Like facial skin, hand skin also needs tailored treatment that will help it heal instantly and look glowy. Here, we have details about types of manicures home services. Have a look at them:

French Manicure 

The most common type of manicure is French manicure. It is the simplest yet versatile process to make your hands look fresh. Mostly, Hollywood actors wear it during their scenes. This process is done by applying a pink nail paint base with white nail tips.

The main motto of this manicure is to allow your nails to look realistic and natural. Moreover, these nail extensions are more durable than other artificial nails. This nails service  is best for people who want to get tidy and neat hands without applying vibrant nail colors.

Hot Oil Manicure

The hot oil manicure is done to get clean cuticles. Additionally, it will help to soften the skin of your hand by providing a nourishing and relaxing treatment. You can also get this treatment on your feet to get instant relief. This treatment is mandatory for you if your nails are fragile and bristling due to constant acrylic nail treatments and filing.

Different types of oil are used during this treatment. These oils contain specialized properties that will help you achieve hydrated and nourished hands, feet, and nails. The commonly used oils contain Almond oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sunflower Oil, mixed oil, etc.

Paraffin Wax Treatment 

The paraffin wax treatment is basically an add-on treatment to the manicure or pedicure. It will transform an ordinary manicure into a luxurious process by treating your nails with great care. In this process, your hand will be dipped for almost six to seven times into the tub of paraffin wax. The wax melted first at 35 degrees centigrade.

You can get this treatment on your forearms and feet as well. The paraffin wax contains petroleum that will deeply moisturize your skin. This melted paraffin wax is mixed with aloe vera, chamomile, and azulene to increase its functionality. It is one type of thermotherapy.

Dip Powder Manicure 

The dip powder manicure is a bit similar to the gel polish. This is the trendiest treatment these days. The technician will apply a layer of cyanoacrylate over the natural nails. To secure this layer, they may use fiber or acrylic powder. The powder is available in different matte and shimmery colors.

The dip powder is formulated with calcium and vitamins. Ultimately, it will strengthen your nails instead of weakening them and cause long-term adverse effects. Additionally, this manicure will last longer than other manicures.

Classic Manicure 

It is the quickest and easiest beauty treatment to transform and groom the appearance of hands and nails. This manicure includes different steps to get a more polished and refined nails look. In the first step, hands will be soaked in the warm water. It will help to soften the cuticle and nails. After that, the nails are shaped and trimmed according to your desired style and length.

Then, the cuticle pusher is used to remove excess skin carefully. Now, the base coat is applied to smooth the nail surface. Commonly, two base coats are applied. When these coats are dry completely, the transparent top coat is added to provide a glossy finish.

Gel Manicure 

In the gel manicure, nail polish is applied over the natural nails. This polish is dried or cured under the UV lamp. You can replace the UV lamp with the LED Light if you want to. The purpose of these lamps is to handle the gel completely. These manicures will last around two to three weeks without peeling and chipping.

In the first step, the nails are cleaned and shaped according to your requirements. Then, the nails are buffed to create a smooth surface. After that, a colored gel polished base is applied and cured under the UV lamps. After that, a top coat is applied over the layer to seal the color.

Acrylic Manicure 

A mixture of liquid monomers and powdered polymers is applied over the natural nails during the acrylic nail treatment. This mixture forms a durable layer. This can be filed, cut, and shaped according to your preference. This manicure is commonly famous for its long-lasting wear, versatility in design, and pattern. You can apply your desired color, design, and style to the nails.

Make sure to get acrylic nails done through a skilled technician; otherwise, your nails may be damaged during the application and removal.

Shellac Manicure 

The shellac manicure is the safest nail treatment process. In this process, the gel combines with the traditional nail polish. The layer of unique nail polish is applied over the natural nails and cured under a UV lamp.

The gel used during the treatment is formulated to provide extra strength to the nails. Additionally, this manicure requires low maintenance, yet they last longer in their refined look.

Nail Art Manicure

The nail art manicure is suitable for those people who love creativity. It is done by using nail stickers, gems, and different nail polish. This nail treatment is a way to express yourself. Nail art hand treatment is most popular among teenage girls.

You can choose a minimalist design or the most elaborate creation. Countless designs, colors, and patterns are available for this manicure. So select the one that is according to your choice and preferences.

Stiletto Manicure 

This manicure resembles stiletto heels with long pointed nails with nail art over them. Due to its uniqueness and boldness, this manicure is becoming very famous. This treatment can only be done with the help of an experienced and skilled technician who can shape the nails precisely into your desired shape.

This manicure requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, it will break easily. You must get monthly nail strengthening treatments to keep it flawless and long-lasting.

Air-Brush Manicure

In this manicure, an airbrush machine creates unique designs and patterns on the nails. This treatment provides the tidiest and most professional look that is impossible to achieve using the traditional nail polish method. For the detailed artwork, the machine gun sprays a fine mist of the colors.

Many manicure specialists recommend this treatment to achieve unique and flawless artwork on your nails so that you will get all the confidence you require.

3D Manicure 

This beauty treatment involves the use of three-dimensional design and the establishment to enhance the beauty of your nails. You will add texture, dimension, and depth to your nails with a 3D manicure. You can use floral patterns or cartoon characters to transform your nails. Different techniques like sculpting, hand-painting, and molding create stunning 3D designs.

Final Words 

That was all the detail regarding 12 different types of manicures. We hope that you will get a clear insight into these manicure types. So, choose the one that fits your preference and your personality. We recommend you to take manicure services from well-known nail bars. You can also visit Jumana Salon Dubai to get a manicure at a very reasonable price.